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The Shape of a Profile
In both the fractional and metric measurement families, 80/20 offers six different square profile shapes. This variety gives you choices to accommodate appearance, accessories and parts. For medium to large-scale applications consider a square profile with eight T-slot openings to allow a multitude of connection points for the addition of profiles and accessories. Some square profiles also include the capability to pressurize the center cavity.
Between the fractional and metric measurement families there are nine rectangle profile shapes and all work well for joining other profiles, parts and accessories. Most rectangular profiles have the capacity for a pressurized center cavity. The twelve-slot rectangle profile is perfect for large-scale purposes, such as load-bearing applications, and offers the most mounting and joining options.
Angled and radius profiles come with 2 open T-slots and are frequently used for panel mounting and exhibits due to their versatility and sleek appearance. The rounded shape of radius profiles works well as hand rails.
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