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T-Slot Concept : Built-in Modularity
T-slot aluminum profiles offer several benefits. The shape of the profile creates modularity, meaning it is easily assembled and reassembled to conform to evolving needs.

The T-slot also provides the ability to add connections and join profiles to captivated ends. This allows you to change your design without having to start from scratch and also enables easy expansion and retraction of your build for modifications down the road.

The T-slot profile concept is designed to allow movement while staying secure within the T-slot.
Advantages of T-Slot Aluminum Profiles
Moving on from the T-slot concept, let's consider the benefits of aluminum. There are several advantages to T-slot aluminum profiles. Some of the biggest are:

    Strong                                                                    Resilient
    Lightweight                                                            Modularity
    High strength-to-weight ratio                               Easily machined

All 80/20 profiles come standard with a clear anodize which helps prevent oxidation and corrosion while providing a matte finish.
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