Material Specifications
All of 80/20's T-slot profiles are made of 6105-T5 alloy, an aluminum extrusion alloy that is a metal mixture which includes other elements such as copper, magnesium, iron, silicon or zinc.

Certain properties such as strength, machinability and corrosion resistance are influenced by the choice of alloy and temper.
Alloy 6105 with a T5 temper has better machinability and strength than 6063-T6.
Material Strength Specifications
Minimum Yield Strength In Pounds

T-Slot Profile Specifications
Torque Specifications
The tables below show the amount of torque in foot-lbs. and newton meters required to activate the 2 degree drop-lock feature for t-slotted profiles. Nut and bolt combination is preloaded when tightened to the minimum torque rating.
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